120412: Mess.

This is the week.  The week I do it all.  The week I drink soda and coffee and maybe put soda in my coffee and say up until all hours and take naps & serve hot dogs for all three meals.  As I write this, I’m denying myself an 11pm bathroom break until I post this and move on to more editing.  People need their pictures for holiday cards and presents.  Brian was so great to put up such a beautiful tree but it’s apparent that he’s done & is now raising an eyebrow to both me and the leftover enormous mess.  I don’t have time for eyebrows this week.  So when he said, “Uh, when are you gonna…so the rest of this…what’s your pla..?”, I cut him off and said, “Oh don’t you worry, this is the week.  This place will be in amazing shape when you get home from work on Friday!”.  I said it all chipper and squeaky which is sure to have given away the unlikelihood of that happening, but he seems content to pretend to believe me for now.  He’s picking up a lot of slack with kids and dishes and meals and folding laundry and even bedtime.  So I just have to stay focused.  This is the week!  There’s time for bathroom breaks and eyebrows next week!

Speaking of the potty, tonight when I put Lily to bed early (because she didn’t take a nap and I was totally up for a bedtime nap of my own), she told me that she uses toilet paper a lot of the time when she goes to the bathroom.

I also want to add two outtakes from today.  I’m doing this project to document our life but I’m also doing it for my photography mojo.  If this is the last day I do it, I’ll have succeeded because I did two things:  1) shot my kid doing homework on the couch, listening music, in nice light & our mess & 2) allowed myself 90 seconds of creativity in attempting to shoot the record player.  The resulting shot was taken from above on the stairs, camera held out in front of me & upside down.

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