120512: Wednesdays.

Wednesdays are pretty sweet.  This morning I got the kids on the bus at 7:30, made a bowl of oatmeal, texted with a friend concerned that I might actually put soda in coffee, offering to take Lily to gymnastics.  But it was watch week (one of the only times you can sit upstairs on the bleachers and see the class the whole time) so I wanted to…you know, watch.  I said that I was up & going.  That was a total lie b/c I think I fell asleep with my head in Lily’s lap within 5 minutes.  It wasn’t sleep-sleep but it was some pretty fantastic dozing.  Then we really got up, went to gymnastics & then lunch with a friend.  Lulu is pretty sure it’s her right to invite people to lunch as she’s putting her shoes on after class.  Sometimes awkward but today it made for a really pleasant lunch date.

We needed fries to go with our turkey burgers for dinner.  So we went to Sam’s.  We got 42 lbs. of sweet potato fries & a “few” other things just to get home and find a regular-sized bag of sweet potato tots in the freezer.  Figures.  We’re good on baby carrots and paper goods for the next year and a half though.

Lily took a nap and I wandered around pretending to work on the mess I shared yesterday but really I was just listening to The Big Chill record & eating the Panera chocolate chip cookie I pretended to get for the big kids.  They got home & we had to leave within the hour for CCD.  After dropping them off, I was headed downstairs to get on the elliptical & decided to grab a few shots of the two of us since we spend all day together on Wednesdays.

Is that a little similarity I see?  Aw, and lookit her little pudgy hand.

Oh Lulu.

That last one is pretty much SOOC (straight out of camera) just because I wanted a clear shot of her bizarre eye color.

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