120612: Empty.

I’m taking a really great workshop at The Bloom Forum with Becky Early & Ryan Muirhead on film.  I love shooting film but am usually just playing around.  There’s definitely a science to exposing correctly with film.  There are a lot of numbers involved.  Sometimes I use an iPhone app to meter.  Sometimes I guess.  A lot of the time, I shoot in Av Mode.  I’m loving the workshop, I’m loving reading the explanations and lessons from two photographers I really admire & faithfully follow on their blogs, instagram & facebook.  It’s been the perfect balance to keeping my nose to the grindstone this week.

Today when Ellie was caroling with Daisies at a nursing home (hey yeah so, first graders don’t really know the words to many Christmas carols; sad but true), I put a movie in for the other two & indulged in the videos and reading I hadn’t caught up on in the workshop.  I learned photography this way.  Reading tutorials.  Watching videos.  Getting inspired and antsy to try the techniques myself.  Letting my creative brain take over for a while & letting my practical brain just take a little breather.  With the hour we had between activities, I ran home, grabbed my film camera & took them to Urban Swirl for frozen yogurt and metering practice.  I really rocked it.  Took my time.  Thought through the numbers.  I was all like, “Oh now I’m gonna be such a good film photographer.  I’m so smart.”.  We ran in to Walgreens to drop it off & it wasn’t winding.  Remember winding the film at the end of a roll?  It wouldn’t wind!

The sweet girl at the counter got out this rad black tent box thing & let me put the camera in there to take it out.  I popped it open and it was already wound.  When I went back to get it, she said it was blank.  Empty.  Nothingness.  Some specs on one frame and then just nothing.  Fabulous!

So instead of a really rockin’ film image for today, we have this:

Brandi Graves - That wine bottle is waaaaay to full!! 😉

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