120712: Train.

Today was the day the house was going to look amazing & holiday-happy & clean & put-together.  Here’s how this went down:

The ballet teacher no-showed this morning.  So Lulu & I regrouped, went to the store for weekend food.  I asked if she’d like to make cookies but she suggested chocolate cake.  Who can say no to chocolate cake?  Not this gal.  I had pinned a recipe for chocolate sheet cake so we got the ingredients for that, went home, and danced around to a little Kenny Rogers.  I measured most of the ingredients & we got to work.  Kids in the kitchen is fun, right?  I always allow myself to operate under the illusion that it will be fun.  That I’ll give directions to mix ingredients, and we’ll smile and it will be…fun.  I try, I really do but even when they don’t ruin whatever we’re making, I usually at least want them to skedaddle even if I don’t go as far as to tell them to get out.

Today I put a bowl in front of her & said, “I have to add this because the other part is really hot & I don’t want it to splatter.  You’ll stir.”  She said, “I’ll dump this in?” (holding the box of baking soda).  I said, “NO!  You’ll stir.  Here:  here’s the bowl, here’s the spoon.  Just stir.”  I pushed the bowl right up to her & turned around to check the recipe.  And…she dumped the entire ever-lovin’ box of baking soda into the batter.  How is one supposed to handle that?  Laugh it off?  Blow up?  Launch into a discussion about baking soda?  Well I’ll tell you what I did.  I pursed my lips and pointed up to her room.  Game over.  There was much crying (on her part, I was mostly pissed because at that point, I really just wanted some damned chocolate cake).  I tried to scoop it out, baked it, let it cool, scraped it into the trash & started over.  Alone.

We got enough done in the living room that we could get the train put together.  Bradyn took it upon himself to get it all out & assemble the tracks this afternoon.  He got it almost done but was a little frustrated with the circumference of the tree vs. the length of the tracks.  Brian went straight to it when he got home & got it going.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to have a Shiner with a side of ice cream & chocolate cake.

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