121212: 12.12.12.

Did you know this date only happens once in a century?  Uh yeah, so I’m not very good at math at all…but don’t most dates only happen once every century?

There was so much running around, dropping off, picking up that by Wednesday  evening, I was ready to crash already.  Brian wasn’t home, I’d been gone most of the day, Ellie had CCD, Bradyn had dress rehearsal.  It was a pizza delivery night for sure.  In front of the TV.  With ice cream for dessert.  We introduced an extra kid to the tween programming on the Disney Channel.  Winning.

Every family has to have a survival mode.  I don’t know when I became so reluctant to switch into mine but I have been this fall.  I felt like I was just letting things slip.  Buying a lot of convenience foods.  Staying up too late working.  Falling asleep after the kids got on the bus.  But instead of slipping, I should have just made the conscious choice to switch into survival mode and get shit done.  One more week of craziness.  I really wish we had the week before Christmas off to watch Christmas movies and make gingerbread houses instead of two weeks after that are just “after Christmas”.

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