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Here comes the sun…streaming in upon a turkey grease haze.

So tonight after dinner, I was sitting alone at the table.  The other places had either been cleared or (in Lulu’s case) abandoned.  The kids were going apeshit.  Brian was doing the dishes.  I was pretending I was having a glass of wine after a nice dinner.  But really it was the rest of my […]

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120412: Mess.

This is the week.  The week I do it all.  The week I drink soda and coffee and maybe put soda in my coffee and say up until all hours and take naps & serve hot dogs for all three meals.  As I write this, I’m denying myself an 11pm bathroom break until I post […]

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120312: Fridge.

Yeah so the great part about this project is that it will force me to get my camera out.  Maybe someday soon I’ll get my camera out during the day.  Today wasn’t the day.  It was 10pm and I thought of several things I could shoot but when I really thought about what today was […]

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