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Is this what you had in mind?

This morning, Lulu was asking me some really hard-to-decipher questions about when she has kids someday.  I wasn’t really sure what she was wondering or trying to ask.  She might have just been talking out her a$$.  Somewhere along the line of the conversation, we agreed that I’d watch her kids while she went to […]

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Here comes the sun…streaming in upon a turkey grease haze.

So tonight after dinner, I was sitting alone at the table.  The other places had either been cleared or (in Lulu’s case) abandoned.  The kids were going apeshit.  Brian was doing the dishes.  I was pretending I was having a glass of wine after a nice dinner.  But really it was the rest of my […]

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120612: Empty.

I’m taking a really great workshop at The Bloom Forum with Becky Early & Ryan Muirhead on film.  I love shooting film but am usually just playing around.  There’s definitely a science to exposing correctly with film.  There are a lot of numbers involved.  Sometimes I use an iPhone app to meter.  Sometimes I guess.  […]

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