Ordinary Everyday Week 10

I’ve shot every week, I swear!

This week’s theme was “Go | Motion”. We flew kites. And it was fun. A million years ago, sometime after Lulu was born and before last Sunday, I took Bradyn and Ellie to fly kites at Knollwood. It lasted about 27 seconds. Ellie basically let hers go, gave me the finger and got back in the car. Bradyn tried but there was anger and frustration. Sunday we freaking flew some kites for real.


After this, I was driving to the storeĀ  (alone, during the day, because I can) and thinking about how our family is changing. We continue to come into our own as our kids aren’t babies anymore. Not only are we past naps and diapers, but we’re almost past having someone that can’t keep up. Lulu still has strong limitations in just age-appropriate stamina. But we all have our own limitations. Brian doesn’t like too much social time. Ellie gets overwhelmed and overstimulated. Bradyn needs time to regroup at certain times. I have a little of each, I guess. But it’s easier to plan things and dare I say easier to relax when we’re all together.

Just watch. I’ll be making a summer bucket list in no time. Nah, I’m just shitting you. That’s a little much, don’t you think?

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