Ordinary Everyday Week 4

Yeah. Week 4. What’s a stronger word for “streak”? Because I’m on one, baby!

This week the theme was “responsibility”. We’ve all worked hard to carve out a chore system around here. Lulu barely has anything to do and usually falls on the floor in a heap of tears over anything but putting the silverware away. Ellie will quietly do what she’s asked. Half-ass. She slinks away before finishing much of anything. Bradyn has his good days when he really works hard and not-so-good days when he reacts more like Lulu does. I’ve been accused of treating him like “an indentured servant”. He cleaned toilets until he was doing it with a smile. We have a lot of toilets.

The thing that popped into my head for this theme was how well he is doing house-sitting for our neighbors. He goes everyday to take the mail in & check things out. He was very particular about what shots I was taking (as if I could capture the garage code in an image). He didn’t want the whole world to know they were gone (despite the fact that they’re posting vacation images on Facebook). He definitely wouldn’t let me take even one carefully-framed shot inside. Good for you, buddy! I can respect that. So I’m only posting this one image and not the other set.


All three of my kids are somewhat aware of social media. I don’t post an image without permission. I try to filter my Facebook status posts through their eyes the day they get a Facebook account and scroll through my page. I’m not quite sure why this approach isn’t more of the norm.

I’m also an advocate of allowing kids access to social media at a young age if they’re ready. This is embarrassing but I admit to letting Bradyn have access to an Instagram account before he was ready. The app magically cloud-downloaded to his iPod when he was 7. I showed him and said we’d talk more about it. I envisioned him sharing pictures with grandparents. I think it was a babysitter night. I hadn’t even followed him or allowed him to follow anyone, but just listen to what this kid did. Ellie (5 years old) was dancing around and lifting her shirt up. She knew he took a picture of her. They both thought they were just playing. BUT HE POSTED IT IMMEDIATELY TO INSTAGRAM. My children. Felons at 5 and 7 years old. They both got talking-to’s. Bradyn was allowed an actual Instagram account on his ninth birthday. We talked a lot about it before the day and on the day. He posted a profile pic he had carefully planned out. Not even an hour later, a girl in his grade made a mean comment about the profile picture. He brought it to me and we talked about how to handle it. It’s been like that ever since. I know that this was the way to go for him. He is learning and is young enough to be willing to talk to me about it. I’m glad. He’s a good egg.

Nana Linda - He IS a good egg.

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