121312: Debut.

This kid loves attention.  He loves to perform.  He loves to be on stage.  He loves to act.

He’s being doing Sunday evening rehearsals for this production of The Little Mermaid Jr. since August.  He hated it for most of September because he was pissed that he didn’t have a bigger part.  There was a lot of pep-talking.  But somewhere around late-October, he picked up some momentum and has been so eager & excited.

I was so proud of him up there, just going for it, beaming, rockin’ it.

It’s more than a little surprising that his strongest inclination is something both of his parents have never been interested in.  He is definitely his own person.

Nana - Ah….his Nana?….?….? Maybe

121212: 12.12.12.

Did you know this date only happens once in a century?  Uh yeah, so I’m not very good at math at all…but don’t most dates only happen once every century?

There was so much running around, dropping off, picking up that by Wednesday  evening, I was ready to crash already.  Brian wasn’t home, I’d been gone most of the day, Ellie had CCD, Bradyn had dress rehearsal.  It was a pizza delivery night for sure.  In front of the TV.  With ice cream for dessert.  We introduced an extra kid to the tween programming on the Disney Channel.  Winning.

Every family has to have a survival mode.  I don’t know when I became so reluctant to switch into mine but I have been this fall.  I felt like I was just letting things slip.  Buying a lot of convenience foods.  Staying up too late working.  Falling asleep after the kids got on the bus.  But instead of slipping, I should have just made the conscious choice to switch into survival mode and get shit done.  One more week of craziness.  I really wish we had the week before Christmas off to watch Christmas movies and make gingerbread houses instead of two weeks after that are just “after Christmas”.

121012: Snow.

It finally snowed.  This is just my opinion here, but snow is pretty for about 30 seconds.  Then your pant legs get wet and it sucks.

But Lulu was psyched.  She wanted all the gear on, from head to toe.  It wasn’t sticking but it was snowing & she wanted to be out in it.

I took my camera for Ellie’s gymnastics class.  But when she went in, Lulu & I took a quick walk and got these.  It was a good thing too because I got chatty & missed the end of class.  Ellie was already dressed and ready to go.  I didn’t get a shot of her.  Maybe next “watch day” I’ll bring my camera like the rest of the moms.

So now it’s winter, whoop-ti-doo.

I really couldn’t decide which shot to use for tonight.  I am quite fond of her sly little smile in the above shot but really liked that she was looking up at the snow in this one:

120912: Lulu.

This one is simple.  We’re doing some pictures for Christmas presents.  Lulu does love to play photo studio.  And I do love to take pictures of my own kids.

Sometimes I wish images came with scent.  If I want to smell this one now, I know I’ll really want to smell it years from now.  Her soft hair & soft skin.  We’re a bunch of sniffers around here.  She’s a hair sniffer.  When my mom used to teach summer school for the special needs class, there was a great girl named Carolyn.  She was hair sniffer.  I liked that about her.

120812: Jack Frost.

Jack Frost has visited us for the past few years after my friend Corri mentioned that he’d come to their house when they were out looking at Christmas lights.  We all know Jack Frost is kind of mischievous.  He opens all the windows so it’s super-cold in the house & he tracks snow everywhere.  He leaves Christmas jammies (same stripey jammies year after year, we just put them away with the Christmas decorations) on your bed if your room is clean.  This year I barely had to wink at Bradyn to get the girls upstairs to clean their rooms before we set things in motion.  He knows.  He gets it.  And I think he’s having fun too.

Jack Frost delivered the typewriter from Santa.  It’s been such a hit.  It adds rand om spa c es eve ry fe w lette rs w hich i sf un.  The kids all typed notes for Zeke to deliver to the North Pole tonight.

It’s a fun tradition & we’re so lucky to have neighbors that like to get in on the fun.  They come over when we leave & set the scene.  Last year, Jack Frost built a snowman in our freezer!

And yes, I realize I’m writing as if I think Jack Frost is real and that our felt elf is actually magic.  Believe you me, I get tired of this stuff & sometimes want the elf to go to the North Pole & stay.  But we do this stuff anyway.  We try hard to not overindulge our kids.  It’s more important to us that they grow up to be good, productive people than it is for them to think their childhood was a magical time of fairies & elves.  There’s a time for hard-a$$ & there’s a time for the felt elf.  Elf-hating is a subject for another day.

Nana - If you create the magic they WILL BECOME good people by our example.