Wrapping up the Autoimmune Protocol Diet

I think it’s probably technically over but since I reintroduced a few things, cheated many times and decided what I’d want my plan to be going forward, I stopped counting. I’m really glad I did this. I’m glad I was relaxed about it. I still don’t feel like I have major issues with any specific food, be it grains or dairy or nightshades. Since those things are thought to sometimes contribute to inflammation, I’ve learned that I’m good without them for the most part. Finding “standbys” as I referred to in the previous post has been huge for me. If I have easy Paleo-ish/Perfect Health Diet-ish things on hand for myself, it takes the guesswork out of eating and cooking. I think avoiding sugar will be huge for me in the long run too.

A few people have asked how much weight I’ve lost and the answer is: Not much. Maybe 5-7lbs. In accepting that I’m majorly limited physically, I also accepted that weight loss for the sake of weight loss isn’t a challenge I get to take on right now. I’ve learned so much about adrenal function recently. All the years of late nights and the rush of creativity totally screwed me and likely burned my adrenal system out. Four months on steroids last year was probably major insult to major injury. I’m good continuing to take it easy, wearing muumuus and walking for exercise at least for now.

I’m looking forward to cooking more with eggs, potatoes and rice. But in addition to the favorite recipes I mentioned last time, I made a few things from Pinterest, learned to enjoy sauerkraut and made a few things from The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbookincluding the Fig Energy Bites (for which no figs were used), the shredded beef and mango salsa. I really used to think my favorite foods had black beans & corn but as it turns out, I’m just as good with avocado & lime! I made cabbage with baconĀ  and sauerkraut for myself more than once and Brian even had to have some.

In other news, it’s spring which means: swimming, soccer and crossfit. The Lary kids are on the MOVE, people.


Ellie hadn’t played soccer in a few years but wanted to play last fall. She had to play up to U9 which was a huge challenge. With good intentions, I’m sure, they stuck her with the same girls this spring. She was a foot shorter than the shortest girl on that U10 team so we asked to move her down. She was so excited to recognize a name on the roster. Kenzie! But no, Kenzie switched teams too. Gah! Since moving, the kids are so much more social and not at all tolerant of being the “new kid” in activities or signing up for something without a friend. I wanted them to form bonds, right? But here’s Ellie, a stranger on a new team of girls from other schools. She’s doing it. She’s hustling and learning and being brave. I told her how proud I was of her and she truly appreciated hearing it. Sweet Ellie.

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